Januar 2021

European Central Bank holds public consultation on Euro Digital

12. Januar 2021 Bitcoin

With the recent wave of adoption of cryptomorphs, the ECB is preparing to create a new money modality on the old continent. European Flag with Bitcoin Symbol Euro Digital Cryptomorphs European Flag with Bitcoin Symbol The European Central Bank (ECB) has opened a public consultation on Euro Digital. The public is to contribute information that will improve the central bank’s digital money project. The new competitor for crypto-currencies is still at the study stage. After publicly announcing its intention toweiterlesen

Which ETH Layer-2 solutions will airdrop?

12. Januar 2021 Bitcoin

2021 could be the year of Ethereum’s Layer-2 solutions. Synthetix and others of these protocols will be used to make transactions faster and cheaper. Some protocols could use Uniswap-style airdrops to attract new users. If 2020 was the year Ether (ETH) surpassed itself, then 2021 could be the year of Ethereum’s Layer-2 protocols, also known as “solutions”. So which solutions offer the best yield mining , and which ones could launch an airdrop ? Why does Ethereum need Layer-2? Ethereum’sweiterlesen

Reguleringsusikkerhed kan stoppe Bitcoins stigning, siger Bloq-medstifter

3. Januar 2021 Bitcoin

Blockchain-firmaets Bloq-medstifter Matthew Rozek mener, at den nuværende Bitcoin-rally kan blive hæmmet af lovgivningsmæssig usikkerhed i USA. Hans følelser kommer, da Bitcoin åbnede 2021 med en ny all-time høj prisbygning fra sidste års bull run. I skrivende stund handlede aktivet til $ 29.608 fra data leveret af Finviz. Rozek siger, at medmindre der er en defineret ramme, kan reguleringsdynamikken påvirke den digitale valutas stigning. Bitcoins prisudvikling på et dagligt diagram. Finviz-data, Han opfordrer amerikanske tilsynsmyndigheder til at udvikle en nationalweiterlesen

Binance.US and eToro also discontinue XRP trading

2. Januar 2021 crypto

Binance.US and eToro also discontinue XRP trading Two other major American crypto trading platforms are dropping XRP in the future due to the SEC complaint against Ripple. Mainstream trading platform eToro and American crypto exchange Binance.US have now also decided to remove the Ripple cryptocurrency XRP from their listings altogether. Accordingly, eToro had initially reported on Thursday that XRP trading on its own platform would be discontinued as of 3 January 2021. Users by Bitcoin Up who still have openweiterlesen